Hosting and Email

In order to take advantage of the internet and gain the maximum return from the investment in your web site you must ensure that it is hosted on a reliable, high-speed web server. The host of your web site will normally also deal with your incoming email and as this is now such an important part of business communications can you afford to take chances on the reliability of your provider?

Scarlet Internet offers a wide variety of hosting packages which combine high performance hardware and software to provide a powerful server solution built on the highly secure, resilient and flexible Linux operating system. We can also offer Windows hosting using IIS (Internet Information Server) and as we are a Microsoft Partner you can be assured of receiving excellent support from us.

Our hosting packages provide for normal web hosting with the option of an online database if required. All of our hosting packages include the provision of incoming email services or we can link to an exisitng solution if, for instance, you are running an Exchange Server in your offices. In addition there are such added bonuses as a web mail facility so you can manage your email when you are away from your normal computer and autoresponders so you can confirm receipt of an email or advise people automatically when you are out of the office. With the option to add anti SPAM software to your hosting package Scarlet Internet web hosting offers a great product at a competitive price backed by our superb customer support.


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Secure Web Hosting

Secure server hosting from Scarlet InternetE-commerce web sites need to protect the personal details of their users. One of the biggest obstacles to overcome when selling online is that of assuring your customers that their information is being handled securely.

The perceived risk of identity theft amongst consumers can result in lost revenue for your company. By using Scarlet Internet's hosting services you can assure your customers that you treat their personal details securely and deliver excellent service.

If you have, or are planning to launch, a commercial website selling goods or services online by credit card or gathering sensitive, personal information, let us organise and integrate a secure environment to provide your clients with the service they deserve backed up with the highest standard of technical support.


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